Here’s What You Need to Know About Footvolley

Footvolley is a hybrid of football and volleyball. Historically, the first footvolley game was played five decades ago at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Octavio de Moraes invented this game in 1965 on a beach volleyball court since he and his teammates were not allowed to play football close to the beach. 

The best way to play footvolley is being barefoot in the sand, two against two on an 8 x 16 meters beach volleyball court. This game is all about the sea, beach, and sun and is played on long rallies. This game requires a lot of balance and good posture while protecting your lower back and spine.

You will need a Mikasa FT-5 or FT-5 Pro Ball to play footvolley. You can only touch the ball with your feet, thighs, chest, and head. You can do a maximum of three passes over the 7 feet or 2.20 meters net.

This game starts with a player serving the ball behind the service line from the ground. You can serve the ball by foot from the air or by building a heap in the sand where you will use your feet. Once the ball is served, the receiving team will return the ball immediately.

If the ball is not served in the following passing but passed across the net, the two teams need to do three contacts first, reception, setup, attack, and pass it over. Players can use all body parts except for the arms and hands. A point goes to the opposing team once you touch the ball with your hands. During a rally, your body should not touch the body; otherwise, the point will go to the other team.

Your team would get the point if the opposing team failed to play the ball over your side in a maximum of three touches. The same applies to the other team as well. 

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